Conference Research Awards

Each year, STPA awards two research-based awards during the annual conference.  Individuals may indicate their interest in being considered for an award at proposal submission but are also required to register by the presenter registration deadline for consideration. 

While multiple proposals may be submitted for consideration to present at the STP&A conference per conference guidelines, any individual may only have one work considered for one conference award. Should an individual have multiple presentations accepted for the conference, they can designate which one is to be considered for an award at the time of conference registration.

Emily Mulcahy Student Research Award

This award recognizes outstanding graduate student research at the masters or doctoral level. The work can be early- or late-stage research associated with a thesis or dissertation; should be sole-authored or sole-led work; and should be independently presented at the conference.

  • The Emily Mulcahy Student Research Award will be determined based on reviews of the conference presentation.
  • The research can be presented up to 18 months post-graduation. If during the 18 months post-graduation, the nominee has taken on a faculty role or other role advancing research and will be in this role at the time of the conference, then the nominee’s work is eligible for the Mulcahy Emerging Scholars Award. Exceptional undergraduate research may also be considered for the award.

Mulcahy Emerging Scholars Award

This award recognizes outstanding research by pre-tenured faculty and early scholars.* The work should be approaching or be in late-stage development; should be sole-authored, or the nominee should be the lead author of collaborative work; and should be sole-presented at the conference.

  • The Mulcahy Emerging Scholars Award will be determined based on reviews of the written research work and conference presentation. Hence, nominees should plan to submit their written research work approximately 4 weeks in advance of the conference dates.
  • *STP&A recognizes that research insights and contributions to the field and its advancement of knowledge stem from a range of arts administration, cultural policy, and adjacent fields and individuals who may hold differently structured roles within and outside academia that produce research and knowledge. Individuals who are not considered to be an emerging scholar by the description of pre-tenure should commensurately have 6 or fewer years of research activity within the field.