Moderator Information

Information for Moderators

Moderators are essential to ensure that the conference presentations progress smoothly and on time. The organizers and presenters very much appreciate your contribution to the conference!

Following are few tips for performing your role as moderator:

Arrive Early
Arrive a few minutes early to the room where the session that you are moderating will be held. This will give you a few minutes to do basic setup and greet your session presenters. Before each concurrent session, there is a scheduled break which provides you with time to visit the room early.

Please bring with you a mechanism for keeping time — a watch, cell phone, etc. Timekeeping will be important.

In the room, you should find an envelope dedicated to your session. In the envelope, you will find

    • These instructions;
    • Details on the paper presentations and speaker bios; and
  • Table tents.

If the room format allows, please put the table tents on the front table for the presenters.

Audio Visual
In each concurrent session, the room is equipped with the following:

    • PC
    • Screen
  • Wireless remote

The presenters for the session has also been asked to arrive to the room early to get setup. Introduce yourself to presenters and inform them that you are there to assist and help maintain the presentation schedule.

Please ask the presenters to set up their particular presentation on the desktop computer in the room. They have been asked to bring these via USB. Due to time constraints, we have asked the presenters NOT to use their own laptop.

Presentation Timing
For paper sessions, presenters each have a maximum of 15 minutes to present followed by 4 minutes of questions and answers. At least 1 minute is needed for the transition between presenters.

Explain to the presenters how you will notify them of the remaining time. Typically, moderators provide a 5 minute, 2 minute, and 1-minute warning. Once time is up for the presentation, please let them know.  If the presenter runs overtime for their presentation, this time must be removed from their Q&A time.

Should a presenter run through their full 19 minutes, please do move on to the next presenter. We want to ensure that each person receives their time.

Presentation Order
For paper sessions, presenters will appear in the order on the online session detail, the printed program, and the session sheet provided in the session envelope.

For example, for the Museum Issues & Policy session on Friday at 10:15am, the order of the presenters will be Hyojung Cho, Robin Nelson, and DaEun Back.

Note, the presentation order is NOT necessarily alphabetical order. In the simple version of the schedule, the Moderator is listed first (in this case, Mel Gray) and the presenters are then listed in alphabetical order.

Internet Access
The venue is equipped with wireless internet. From a wireless device, connect to unoguest and open a web browser. You will be redirected to a web login page. Type in the username and password provided below and hit submit. If the username and password were typed in correctly, you should be connected to the UNO guest Wi-Fi.

Username: stpa2019  Password: a2nm60

Room Setup
Concurrent session rooms will be set up in a standard classroom format.

Technical Assistance
If the presenter has a technical problem that they cannot resolve, please contact either a conference technical person near the meeting room or the Registration desk for assistance.